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Networking Basics

CUCM Device Pack

To add a new phone on CUCM, you go to Device –> phone. Sometimes the phone you want to add does not exist in the drop box, because the device model is new or the CUCM version is a bit ... Read More »

TCP Reno

TCP Reno is another variant of TCP that appeared after TCP Tahoe. We will observe the behaviour of TCP Reno in two major events: on a timeout and on duplicate ACKs. On a timeout: enters Slow Start mode. on receiving ... Read More »

TCP Fast Retransmit

Fast Retransmit: the sender retransmits a lost segment before the RTO expires Fast Retransmission is opposed to Timer-based Retransmission. Timer-based Retransmission is when the sender waits for RTO to expire before retransmitting the requested segment. Fast Retransmit is part of ... Read More »

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