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Networking Basics

Routing Approaches


Here are the major approaches in IP routing. Flooding copies of a packet are flooded on all the network links a packet that arrives to a node is copied to all interfaces except the one on which it came no state ... Read More »

DHCP Exposed


DHCP allocation types There are three types of DHCP allocations: DHCP dynamic allocation: the basic one. A client is assigned an IP address from the DHCP pool and the address can be revoked or changed DHCP automatic allocation: A client is ... Read More »

DNS Wireshark Sample Explained

Here is the setting: Client IP address = DNS server IP address = DNS header The DNS header is the following section in Wireshark: This is a DNS communication, since the transport protocol is UDP and the destination ... Read More »

DNS Message Format And Name Compression

The DNS message is composed of a the following sections: Header Question (if this is a query or a response) Answer (if this a response) Authority Additional information DNS Message format: the Header section The DNS message header is 12B ... Read More »

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