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Networking Basics


In this post, we will understand the nuances between the following concepts: TDM links and interfaces T1, T1 PRI, E1, E1 PRI, ISDN BRI E1 and T1 E1 and T1 are two TDM technologies; they leverage Time Division  Multiplexing to ... Read More »

Justin Bieber’s Letter On Cryptography


Security can be enforced with scalable network design and cryptography.  Cryptography, and more precisely cipher suites, help achieve the three pillars of computer and network security: confidentiality, integrity and authenticity. They are also called the security Triad. Confidentiality is achieved ... Read More »

Why Wireless Networks Are Scarier Than Jigsaw


We’ve seen in a previous post that IEEE ratified wireless networks as 802.11 standards. They are commonly known as WiFi by the general public (for Wireless Fidelity). But this cool name hides some interesting challenges. Wireless signal concepts Wireless network frequencies ... Read More »

Cisco ACS Recovery Procedure


In this post we will cover the recovery procedure steps of a Cisco Secure Access Server ACS. We assume you have the ACS Recovery disc and that you have physical access to the appliance. Insert the recovery disc into the ... Read More »

MAC Protocols And CSMA/CD


We will talk about MAC protocols and Ethernet technology, both operating at the lowest two layers of the OSI model, which corresponds to the Link layer in TCP/IP. Shared Ethernet In 10Base-2 and 10Base-5 networks, hosts share the same medium ... Read More »

Basic Concepts In Communication Systems


In this post, we will have an introduction into the world of communication systems, related to computer engineering. The communication process The communication process can be summarized in the following diagram: The source of information delivers what is called the signal message. ... Read More »

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