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Networking Basics

Show ISDN History


Show isdn history is the third command of the show ISDN trilogy. It displays a list of past calls made on the PRI interface. If you are familiar with the output of the show isdn active command, then let me ... Read More »

QoS DiffServ Model


DiffServ is an approach that provides an “almost guaranteed” QoS.It does not provide an end-to-end guarantee of QoS like IntServ framework does. However, it is highly scalable. It enforces QoS at each hop of the network path. It allows to ... Read More »

QoS Models


There are three QoS models known in history: Best Effort, IntServ and DiffServ. Best Effort model This is the oldest model the Internet has known and the most used without a doubt. Best Effort model delivers packets in a FIFO ... Read More »

What is QoS?


In this post, we will learn: the need to have a QoS policy, the traffic profile requirements for data, voice and video, how to define and implement a QoS policy. What is QoS, really? QoS can be defined as a ... Read More »

Challenges of Converged Networks


A converged network is a network that transports not only data but also voice and video. Unlike data which is generally delivered in a best effort fashion, voice and video traffic need special care. When data, voice and video share ... Read More »

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