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Networking Basics

The Principle of Packet Switching

Definitions for Packet Switching packet = self containing unit of information Switching = forwarding packets very quickly and efficiently. When the link is free, the packet is forwarded. When the link is busy, the forwarding is delayed. Flow = a ... Read More »

Cisco IOS Regex examples


Just like there are road shortcuts, there are IOS display shortcuts too. They are based on Cisco IOS Regex (Regular Expressions) operators. Here are some basic Regex examples that can be useful in your day-to-day network administration. Display the list ... Read More »

ARP Protocol Explained

ARP is a link layer protocol in the TCP/IP model. It crosses the layer 3 in the OSI model, although it was created before the OSI model. Each protocol layer has its own addresses, e.g. IP addresses or Ethernet addresses. ... Read More »

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