vCloud Automation Center: features

One of Vware cloud management blocks is the Service Provisioning. Part of the Service Provisioning block is the vCloud Automation Center. This post describes some features of the vCloud Automation Center software. Intelligent Resource Governor reclaims unused resources load-balances workloads ... Read More »

vCloud Service Models

Vmware defines three typical vCloud service models. Infrastructure as a Service IaaS Flexible environment: customers have complete control over the VMs on which their applications run customers are responsible for OS patching and VM maintenance two services emerged from the ... Read More »

Vmware vCloud Hybrid Service


Business Operations Termination:  Vmware deletes all resources and data associated with the customer. However, data is kept for 30 days after the termination date. Suspension and Re-enablement: Vmware suspends all resources associated with the customer, due for example to an ... Read More »

Cloud Deployment Models


The cloud can be deployed in one of four ways: Private cloud: all the hardware and the software is owned by the organization management and monitoring is the responsibility of the organization (the IT departement) builds on top of traditional ... Read More »

vCloud Private Service


This service is given by Vmware to Cloud providers, allowing them (the cloud providers) to sell cloud services to customers Use Cases there are three types of cloud services uses, from a customer perspective, in terms of resource utilization: High ... Read More »

Provider vDC and Organization vDC


Provider vDC a Provider vDC is a container of resources that are taken from the vSphere layer and will be consumed by Organizations; These resources serve to create Org vDCs Cloud Providers offer cloud services in the form of Organization ... Read More »

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