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Cisco Class Of Restriction COR

This article demonstrates how to use the COR feature to establish classes of service. We have two phones at HQ site: x1000 and x1003. x1000 is a manager. x1003 is a security guard. Obviously, we will assign the national PSTN access ... Read More »

CUCM Translation Patterns

A translation pattern can be set in routing mode or in blocking mode. Let’s try both combinations. Once expanding the pattern 9999 to a PSTN number, and once blocking it. configuring a routing translation pattern We configure a translation pattern with ... Read More »

Implementing Site-Code Dialing

In this article I’m describing the implementation of site codes and inter-site dialing, in my home lab. Site codes HQ: 801 site 2: 803 Inter-site code: I’ll use the 0 to dial inter-sites. The purpose is to use inter-side code dialing to ... Read More »

CUCM Digit Manipulation


Digit manipulation: Attendant DN The Attendant DN article explains just that. Digit manipulation: Significant Digits Useful for inbound calls into the CUCM cluster. configured in the CUCM gateway page or the CUCM Trunk page. in most implementations, we configure it to 4 ... Read More »

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