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TSHOOT Strategie notes

Troubleshooting methodologies:– Follow the path– divide and conquer– Move the problem– Bottom up– Top downAfter watching Kevin Wallace Bull’s Eye videos and INE Tshoot Exam Demo video, the best method is to use a combination of Divide and Conquer-Bottom up/Top ... Read More »



Steps to create IPSEC VPN: – define ISAKMP Policies – define ISAKMP preshared key (if authentication method is Pre-share) – define IPSEC Transform Sets – define IPSEC security associations – define interesting traffic through Proxy Identity (or crypto ACL) – ... Read More »

Dot1x, AAA notes

dot1x– dot1x can work with DHCP address assignment– only EAPOL is allowed before a port is authorized– Vlan Assignment (by a RADIUS server) depends on the result of dot1x authentication– RADIUS server- the dot1x authentication server- is the one which ... Read More »

Troubleshooting router/switch performance


– By default, CEF and Fast Switching are enabled. (config-if)#no ip route-cache This command disables both Fast Switching and CEF. (config-if)#ip route-cache This command enables Fast Switching only. CEF is still disabled if we don’t activate it: To activate CEF ... Read More »


steps:– create the IP SLA monitor– configure it– schedule itCisco IOS did not show me help when I type interrogation mark. Yet, commands are accepted. Read More »

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