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OSPF Timers

OSPF Timers OSPF Hello timer To discover neighbors and establish adjacency, OSPF routers exchange Hello packets at regular intervals called Hello timers. These Hello packets are sent to Multicast address group Hello replies are unicast. The Hello packet timer has ... Read More »

OSPF Network Types

OSPF network types There are three types of networks that are known to OSPF: point to point broadcast non broadcast multiaccess NBMA For each one of these network types, OSPF has an operational mode. The default operational modes are not ... Read More »


OSPF LSA Type 1: Router LSA flooded within the area generated by each router the Link State ID = the router ID of the sending router provides information about directly connected networks OSPF LSA Type 2: Network LSA flooded within ... Read More »

Cisco IP SLA Track For PBR

We learn in this blog post how to leverage Cisco IOS IP SLA tracking with PBR. Cisco IP SLA track for PBR: a sample topology I used Eve-NG to generate this network topology. Using PBR to change the path of the ... Read More »

Spanning Tree Root Port Election

Spanning Tree Root Port Election: How does it work? We said that non-tooy ridges have one Root Port. But how is it chosen? The Root Port is elected by the following criteria: the port that receives the superior BPDU the ... Read More »

Spanning Tree Operation

We explore the operations of the Spanning Tree Protocol. Spanning Tree operation: how the protocol works Here is a topology we’re going to work with: The Root bridge elections start. Switches exchange Ethernet BPDU frames. The BPDUs are Configuration BPDUs. ... Read More »

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