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Cisco CIPT1 Student Guide


I have both the Student Guide and the Foundations Guide. I found that the latter contained more details and explanations than the official book that I’ve used, during the training. Throughout the pages, and after reading some Cisco technical documents ... Read More »

Documents I’m using for CIPT1 exam


Studying for Cisco certifications not enough with only official Cisco Press books. We got to supplement our reading with other documents. for CIP1 exam, I decided to heavily rely on reading from the screen. Why? because a network engineer does ... Read More »

First 7x CCIE in the world


The guy’s name is Neil Moore. We’ll probably hear about him a lot in the future. And no, he’s not an ultra geek working as an international consultant for Cisco   Check some of his CCIE plaques:   The strangest ... Read More »

Playing with CUCM GUI Menus

it’s possible to access CUCM GUI menus without using the listbox on the upper right corner. Here are some links: Unified CM Administration Unified Serviceability Disaster Recovery System     Unified OS Administration   Unified Reporting   Read More »

Auto QoS configuration


First, let’s see if QoS is enabled on the switch: QoS is disabled. We should enable it on global configuration level: if we want to display QoS settings for an interface, we do a show mls qos interface command: At ... Read More »

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