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CCNP Voice

Cisco And E164: The Power of Conformity


What is E.164? E.164 is an ITU-T recommendation for international PSTN numbering. It is meant to be a way to globalize phone numbers, which means to define and standardize the format of phone numbers around the world. Historically, E.164 evolved ... Read More »

Cisco CUCM Annunciator


Annunciator is part of the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming Application service.  What is the Cisco CUCM annunciator? It is a media resource that is responsible mainly for playing operator-like audio messages such as “your call can not be completed ... Read More »

Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App


As soon as you get introduced to Cisco media resources, you will learn about one specific service: the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming Application service. What is IP Voice Media Streaming App responsible for? The Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming ... Read More »

Cisco CIPT1 Student Guide


I have both the Student Guide and the Foundations Guide. I found that the latter contained more details and explanations than the official book that I’ve used, during the training. Throughout the pages, and after reading some Cisco technical documents ... Read More »

Documents I’m using for CIPT1 exam


Studying for Cisco certifications not enough with only official Cisco Press books. We got to supplement our reading with other documents. for CIP1 exam, I decided to heavily rely on reading from the screen. Why? because a network engineer does ... Read More »

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