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CCNP Routing and Switching

BGP network command


– without mask subcommand, we need to have a subnet in the routing table, that belongs to the classful network. But in my lab, even I have a subnet, I still don’t see it in the BGP Table: However, ... Read More »

BGP notes

BGP synchronization– if I receive a route from an IBGP peer, I do not advertise it, unless I have a route to its network in my routing table learned by an IGP– is off by defaultBGP Confederationgrouping some ASes into ... Read More »

BGP auto-summary


If there’s auto-summary, a subnet that’s redistributed into BGP will be shown in the BGP table in its classful network form. Otherwise, it’ll be shown as it is in the routing table.Recall that the router will choose a best route ... Read More »

BGP commands


show ip bgp neighbors – display configured neighbors – check the remote-AS number for neighbor X: – check the router-id of neighbor X: – check the BGP state with this neighbor: – check configured BGP timers: – check which BGP ... Read More »

BGP debug commands


Debug ip bgpdebug ip bgp is on R1. Nothing special on ROutside.– a shutdown on int ser1/0 of ROutside, and a debug ip bgp on R1 BGP searches for a route to its configured neighbor. Here, R1 has neighbor, ... Read More »

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