STP vs RSTP: Topology change

topology change event trigger: STP: occurs when a port moves: – from FWD to BLK – from BLK to FWD RSTP: occurs when a nonedge port moves from BLK to FWD topology change detection time: STP: after MaxAge and no ... Read More »

SWITCH exam in two days

I took a vacation for it. It’s time to show my skills, to demonstrate that I’ve studied for almost 78 cumulative hours for a reason. I’ll nail the exam. I’ll pass it this year, because I have no other choice. Read More »

CCNP SWITCH 642-813 mind maps

Feel free to download them! You nedd a software that can read “imm” files. just drop a kind word Read More »

CEF: show commands

this demonstrates that IP CEF is not enabled, until SVIs are created: Once SVI is created, CEF tables are created too, and stay there even if we delete the vlan and the SVI: Now we set back vlan 101 and ... Read More »

Vlan ACLs

A good Cisco document here I found an answer to all my VACL-related questions. A good thing to note here, is the way the author configures the “remaining traffic”. Here he defines another router ACL that says “permit any any” ... Read More »

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