Why Spanning Tree Protocol is Used

This short article describes why the Spanning-Tree Protocol is used. It’s easy to connect a bunch of computers to a switch, and connect the switch to its gateway, and you get a full simple network. But then you add another ... Read More »

Spanning Tree Protocol

Please read here for a brief introduction on Spanning Tree Protocol  STP BID and Root Bridge Each BPDU contains the Bridge ID (or BID for short). The Bridge ID is composed of: the bridge priority the bridge MAC address The ... Read More »

Auto QoS configuration


First, let’s see if QoS is enabled on the switch: QoS is disabled. We should enable it on global configuration level: if we want to display QoS settings for an interface, we do a show mls qos interface command: At ... Read More »

SWITCH study material

Here is all the material I’ve used to study for the exam. Books – Cisco BCMSN Command Guide – Cisco BCMSN student Guide V1 and V2 – Cisco BCMSN Certification Guide 642-812 – Cisco BCMSN Quick Reference Sheets 642-813 – ... Read More »

SWITCH exam: cleared


Wow that was tough ! I almost thought I was not going to pass after I messed up my second simulation . This is my third try in switching. I failed twice in the old BCMSN. I got demotivated. Then ... Read More »

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