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Adding IOS Images in GNS3


This post describes the step-by-step process to configure GN3 IOS images on a Windows machine. It is assumed that you have the latest GNS3 software and a couple of IOS images for Cisco routers. A list of IOS images and ... Read More »

Connecting CUCM to GNS3


In this post, I’m going to explain how to connect a CUCM server¬†to GNS3. My CUCM server is running on Vmware. Here is the topology we’re going to have: What we will use: a VM on which CUCM is running ... Read More »

GNS3 home lab on Windows


I wrote in my old post How to build a home switching lab with GNS3 and Ubuntu about building GNS3 on linux. I recently upgraded my Ubuntu box from Gutsy to Hardy. However, I have encountered problems while viewing .mov ... Read More »

Calculating GNS3 idle PC value


No matter how much processing power you’ve got, there will always be some processor cycles going on even if your routers are just sitting there for you to tape some CLI stuff. First thing, before starting your full lab, make ... Read More »

List of missing switch features on GNS3

Here it is: Access Switch Device Manager (SDM) TemplateACL – Improved Merging AlgorithmARP OptimizationBGP Increased Support of Numbered as-path Access Lists to 500BGP Restart Neighbor Session After max-prefix Limit ReachedBGP Route-Map Continue Support for Outbound PolicyClear Counters Per PortDHCP SnoopingDHCP ... Read More »

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