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Cisco IOU Unsupported Features

Here is a list of Cisco IOU unsupported features that you probably won’t find, when labbing using Eve-NG or GNS3. The missing features were found with i86bi-linux-l2-adventerprise-15.1b.bin image. But the same observations could be true for other versions too. Cisco IOU ... Read More »

GNS3 High CPU Usage And Hubs

A couple of weeks ago I have been experiencing high CPU usage in my GNS3 home lab. After some trial and error, I localized the issue and discovered that the cloud device connection is the cause. My old topology I ... Read More »

Installing CallManager Express in GNS3


This article describes how to transform a Cisco router in GNS3 into a Cisco CallManager Express or CUCME. Remember that a Cisco router can become a CallManager Express if we install the CUCME package into it. I’ll assume you have a CUCME ... Read More »

GNS3 Project Files


In the past, I had encountered some hard drive issues that led me to transfer my GNS3 project files to a thumbdrive. At first, I did not know what to copy and what to leave. Then I took a look ... Read More »

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