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Respect your Clients

This is an obvious piece of advice. But respect comes disguised often times.– Giving back money to your client with a smile is a sign of respect,– listening to customer complaints with empathy and attention is a sign of respect, ... Read More »

Working as a Network Engineer

When you tell people that you work as a network engineer, clients usually think that you are “Mr All-computer-stuff”. They expect you to fix any computer issue they have at work. They may even ask you to help them open ... Read More »

Simplifying designs

I come across a simple technique to understand relatively complex network diagrams: always simplify L1/L2. For instance, if you have a bunch of L2 switches that separate routers, then see routers as connected with a cable. Simple.I struggled to understand ... Read More »

CIPT v8 Training

I landed in France today. It was rough. I took the OrlyVal, metro, RER and train! It took me more than 4 hours to travel from the airport to the hotel. Actually I had difficulties passing through electric gateways in ... Read More »

a taste of TOEIC

I sat for the exam. I needed it. People often told me that I was skilled in English. So I have to prove it to the world. I used TOEIC Mastery software as study material. I was a fast paced ... Read More »

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