Installing CallManager Express in GNS3

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This article describes how to transform a Cisco router in GNS3 into a Cisco CallManager Express or CUCME.

Remember that a Cisco router can become a CallManager Express if we install the CUCME package into it.

I’ll assume you have a CUCME package on your computer.

Here is the setup in GNS3:

  • a router destined to become CUCME
  • a cloud item associated to the physical network card of the host machine
  • a link between the router and the cloud.

We also need a TFTP server software. One of the best free TFTP servers is TFTPD32.

After you build the topology in GNS3, configure the router:

  • set up the FastEthernet interface for connectivity with the host machine network. The host machine NIC address is The router’s FastEthernet IP address is

install-CUCME-GNS3-router-2016-02-28 12_44_03

  • Erase the router Flash:

install-CUCME-GNS3-router-2016-02-28 12_50_06

  • And format it:

install-CUCME-GNS3-router-2016-02-28 12_51_00

To the TFTP server now. Download and install the TFTP server.

Set it up in a way that it points to a directory that contains the CUCME file.

install-CUCME-GNS3-router-2016-02-28 12_37_47

The E: path is where the CUCME tar file is stored

On the GNS3 router, with the archive command:

  • copy the CUCME tar file from the TFTP server to Flash,
  • extract the files from the CUCME tar file.

install-CUCME-GNS3-router-2016-02-28 12_52_15

After the operation terminates, you do a show telephony-service to display the CUCME version:

install-CUCME-GNS3-router-2016-02-28 12_56_31

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