Cisco BSCI Exam Second Try: Passed

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I felt sooo good :) score is 822. passing score was 790. It came after four days of reviewing IPv6, Route maps, BGP,…
In the beginning of the test I was taking enough time to read and answer the questions. However I lost much time in my first lab simulation. The scenarion wasn’t clear to me. And each time I had to click on the console button to reach a router. And I was not seeing changes in the routing table so it confused me a lot.
I began to worry about my score.
And I got my second lab simulation. And immediately after, the third. I told to myself: “man, what did I do to Cisco to treat me this way?”
So I had almost 38 minutes to do the third lab sim and 32 questions !
Besides, the test supervisor was tearing papers on her desk. And the other guy in the room was complaining about the bug in his exam. I was going to scream.
At the end, I was almost flipping through the questions.
I finished the test. The test supervisor told me “congratulations!”.study material:
-Cisco Press Exam Guide
-Cisco Student Guide
-Cisco Press Lab Portfolio
-Cisco Press BSCI Command Reference
-Chris Bryant BSCI study guide
– lots and lots and lots of GNS3 labs
-CBT Nuggets and some TrainSignaland even after all this preparation, I feel I still don’t master all the topics. That’s where come hands-on experience and individual reading.

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