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Switching And Forwarding

Backplane: a shared bus over which all packets pass through On a packet switch, each egress interface has a queue (the output queue) Recall from the “Principle of Packet Switching” article that: On an egress link, only one packet is ... Read More »

A Simple Deterministic Queueing Model

Queues can be studied with a simple deterministic model. A Deterministic queueing model helps to learn about the dynamics of a packet in a network. This model defines these functions: – A(t):  the cumulative number of bits (or bytes) that ... Read More »

Playback Buffers

most applications (web browsing, file transfer…) don’t care about the variation of the end-to-end delay. Real-time applications are impacted by variations of the end-to-end delay packet switches have buffers. End host real-time applications have playback buffers. These applications build playback ... Read More »

Go Back N Protocol and Selective Repeat

Let’s define some terms first: outstanding segments = the segments that are sent and still not acknowledged Base: the sequence number of the oldest unacknowledged packet NextSeqNum: the sequence number of the first next packet to be sent N: the ... Read More »

TCP Sliding Window

the purpose of the Sliding Window is not flow control; it is to keep track of bytes/packets sent, received, ACKd, written, read, expected,…on the sender and the receiver uses the concept of pipelining: sending a bunch of segments without waiting ... Read More »