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Cisco Catalyst 6500 Show Module

The “show module” command lists the line cards and the Supervisor Engines that equip a particular Cisco Catalyst 6500 series switch. Cat6500#show module Mod Ports Card Type Model Serial No. --- ----- -------------------------------------- ------------------ ----------- 1 48 CEF720 48 port ... Read More »

Cisco IP SLA UDP-Echo

According to Cisco documentation, IP SLA Responder is optional for the Cisco IP SLA UDP Echo operation. However, I experienced a different situation in my EVE-NG home lab. Topology I am using the same topology as in Cisco IP SLA ... Read More »

Cisco IP SLA ICMP Jitter

Here is a short article on the configuration of the Cisco IP SLA ICMP Jitter operation. the syntax of the ICMP Jitter operation is: Let us use it to¬†collect measurements between R2 and R4, of this topology. R2(config)#ip sla 1 ... Read More »

Cisco IP SLA Track Delay

Cisco IP SLA delay is an option that facilitates the failover and fallback of links when you have multiple of them. A common complaint among network engineers is that a primary link flaps up and down, and with it flaps ... Read More »

OSPF Neighbors

OSPF neighbor relationship vs adjacency There is a distinction between OSPF neighbors and OSPF adjacent neighbors. OSPF neighbors are routers running OSPF and have one or more common connected subnet. OSPF adjacent neighbors, however, are routers that established adjacency by ... Read More »

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