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TCP Reno

TCP Reno is another variant of TCP that appeared after TCP Tahoe. We will observe the behaviour of TCP Reno in two major events: on a timeout and on duplicate ACKs. On a timeout: enters Slow Start mode. on receiving ... Read More »

TCP Fast Retransmit

Fast Retransmit: the sender retransmits a lost segment before the RTO expires Fast Retransmission is opposed to Timer-based Retransmission. Timer-based Retransmission is when the sender waits for RTO to expire before retransmitting the requested segment. Fast Retransmit is part of ... Read More »

TCP Tahoe

In the old TCP implementation (the pre-Tahoe): the transmitter initially sends a number of segments that equals the size of the window. This will incur packet loss and the network is used at less than its capacity. for each packet ... Read More »

Dynamics of AIMD For A Single Flow

AIMD is a mechanism used by TCP to manage congestion on bottleneck link. the figure below shows a sample bottleneck link. AIMD increases and decreases the size of the window to control the rate of the transmitter (the sending rate). ... Read More »

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