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Autonomous Systems, IGP and EGP

 Interior Gateway Protocols IGP Interior Gateway Protocols are the protocols that run inside an autonomous system. IGPs are all (or most) of the protocols you learned in school (or later in your career): RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, IS-IS,… IGP can be ... Read More »

Routing Approaches


Here are the major approaches in IP routing. Flooding copies of a packet are flooded on all the network links a packet that arrives to a node is copied to all interfaces except the one on which it came no state ... Read More »

DHCP Exposed


DHCP allocation types There are three types of DHCP allocations: DHCP dynamic allocation: the basic one. A client is assigned an IP address from the DHCP pool and the address can be revoked or changed DHCP automatic allocation: A client is ... Read More »

DNS Wireshark Sample Explained

Here is the setting: Client IP address = DNS server IP address = DNS header The DNS header is the following section in Wireshark: This is a DNS communication, since the transport protocol is UDP and the destination ... Read More »

DNS Message Format And Name Compression

The DNS message is composed of a the following sections: Header Question (if this is a query or a response) Answer (if this a response) Authority Additional information DNS Message format: the Header section The DNS message header is 12B ... Read More »

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