Running Nexus 9000 on EVE-NG

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We will use the virtual version of the Nexus 9000 OS: NXOS we will need for this lab setup: EVE-NG VM with at least 8GB RAM and 4 CPUs NXOS image for the Nexus 9000: nxosv-final.7.0.3.I5.2.qcow2 Filezilla FTP client this ... Read More »

Running Cisco ASAv on EVE-NG

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For this you’ll need: to install a EVE-NG home lab get a ASAv image, in the format of asav{xxx}.qcow2 Here is a bunch of resources to help you do that: adding ASAv to EVE-NG official document Kamran’s video on adding ... Read More »

Installing EVE-NG

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Here is what you’re going to need, in order to setup a EVE-NG home lab: EVE-NG OVA file EVE-NG client side software. I use a Windows machine so I downloaded the Windows client side. Vmware Workstation, preferably Workstation Pro Filezilla ... Read More »

Cisco CUCM Regions


In this article, we will discover how Cisco Unified Communications Manager version 9 and above behave with the regions. Here is the call setup: HQ: CIPC phone 1: x1000 Branch1: CIPC phone 2 x2001 1. case #1: both phone 1 ... Read More »

Cisco CUCM Audio Conferencing

network setting: three phones registered to CUCM CIPC: x1000 EyeBeam: x1002 X-Lite: x1003 Ad Hoc conference From CIPC, I make a call to EyeBeam then press the Confrn softkey: I make a second call to X-Lite and press the Confrn ... Read More »

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