Cisco ACI Notes

This is a collection of my Cisco ACI notes during my studies. A packet in the fabric is encapsulated within an UDP datagram VXLAN in the ACI fabric is different from the standard VXLAN VXLAN offers 16 Million subnets. Each ... Read More »

Starting Cisco CLDACI


You probably read about the Cisco exam update launched recently. A lot of folks are consequently studying harder to reach the deadline of february 23rd. 2020. As my CCNP status is also at stake I needed to pursue one exam ... Read More »

Postman Error Messages

Continuing on my previous post logging to Cisco APIC using Postman, you may encounter a couple of error messages. Postman could not get any response You may encounter a connectivity issue between Postman and Cisco APIC where you see the ... Read More »

Postman Tutorial


This is a quick tutorial to make you install and run Postman. Postman Chrome Postman was popular with its extension for Google Chrome. So the first thing you probably did is navigating to Google Chrome Webstore and downloading Postman extension. ... Read More »